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HEMC Flyers

Event:  July Fly-In @ AirVenture, Wittman Regional (KOSH), Oshkosh, WI

Event Date:  Monday-Sunday, July 25 – July 31, 2022  Dinner Meeting date/time TBD

Event Location:   Exact location for dinner TBD depending on # of participants

Event Description:  Please join us for our 6th Fly-In of 2022 at the 2nd Major Airshow of 2022 at AirVenture (aka Oshkosh) at Wisconsin’s Wittman Regional Airport! Checkout all the things to do at . I will schedule a date/time for lunch or dinner convenient for everyone attending. 

 Please RSVP to Scott Ramsey (see below) by Noon, Friday, July 15th, including the following information:

  1. Names of attendees (please identify: 1) Members+Dependents vs 2) Non-Member Guests)
  2. Flying (include N#), Commercial or Driving?
  3. Contact # for day of event
  4. Dates that you will be in Wisconsin and the area you will be staying in.

 Contact Information: Please contact Scott Ramsey at:

 2022 Fly-in Schedule (input & suggestions welcome):  

July 25 – 31            AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI (KOSH)

August 20              Gate 12 Bar & Grill, College Station (KCLL)

September 17        Angelina County Airport Cafe, Lufkin (KLFK)

October 8-9            Wings Over Houston Airshow, Ellington (KEFD)

November 19         Hangar 6 Air Cafe, Uvalde (KUVA)

December 10         Aviator’s Grill, Spring (KDWH)

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