Sunday, December 10, 2017

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Our primary address for distributing member communications,, does not accept replies.  To ensure your needs are addressed, please send questions regarding specific email offers to the contact listed on the email.  You may also direct questions or comments to the most appropriate email address below:

Club Calendar and Website Questions:
For questions about postings to the calendar and website.  You can forward group events to be posted on the calendar to this address as well.

Newsletter Questions:
Use this for questions, feedback, or new submission material related to the HEMC newsletter. 

Membership Questions:
For questions about how to join, cancel, login to the website, register, and make payments for club dues.

Vendor Discount Questions:
Any questions about how to get vendor discounts, how to use discounts, how to access discounts on the website, etc.  This refers to the page listed at Committees > Discounts and Tickets > Vendor Discounts.

Ticket/Event Questions:
For questions about how to buy tickets to shows, plays, sporting events, as well as movie tickets and dining dollars.  This covers all committees under Committees > Discounts and Tickets.

For questions about your vouchers and other cash based questions.

Group Sports Questions:
Any questions about how to participate in the many sports teams , as well as information on starting a new group with the club.  This covers all committees under Committees > Group Sports menu.

Recreation and Enrichment Questions:
For questions about the many social, recreational, and enrichment activities within the club.  This covers all committees under Committees > Recreation and Enrichment menu.

General or Event-Specific Feedback:
All comments, helpful suggestions, or criticisms regarding general club operations, member treatment, or a specific event in which you participated.

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